Transforming Lives Through Care

Transforming Lives Through Care – Join us for our Transforming Lives webinar series: Moving on the Adventure: Transforming Care for Individuals with Clefts and Other Craniofacial Differences.

Transition of care is a family-centered, interdisciplinary process of moving from a child-centered model to an adult model of care. In this webinar we will discuss the needs of young adults with cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial differences. We will also discuss models of child and adult care, and provide strategies for young adults to navigate the transition to adult care.

Transforming Lives Through Care

Please submit any questions for our speakers prior to the webinar by emailing Sandy Gilbert. If you join us for a live webinar, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions directly using the chat feature.

Hcf Making Real Impact: Transforming Livesโœจ

Louw, DPhil, SLP is a professor of speech-language pathology in the Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology at East Tennessee State University. She is also a professor emerita at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, where she was a member of a cleft palate team for over 30 years.

Professor Lu has participated in training professionals on cleft palate in various African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia. She is the editor of ASHA SIG 5 Perspectives-Craniofacial and Velopharyngeal Disorders. Professor Lue has taught courses on cleft palate and supervised speech-language pathology student research projects on cleft palate from undergraduate to doctoral level. He has written book chapters, edited a book, published papers, and presented papers nationally and internationally on various topics.

His research interests include cleft lip and palate; early intervention, especially for children with craniofacial disorders, pediatric HIV/AIDS; Internationalization of culturally responsive care and curriculum.

Linda D. Valino, PhD, is chief of the Craniofacial Outcomes Research Laboratory and senior scientist in the Center for Pediatric and Auditory Speech Sciences at Nemours Children’s Health in Wilmington, DE. She is a clinical professor of pediatrics at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, and an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Delaware.

Women’s Health: Transforming Lives Through Holistic Care

Dr. Valino earned his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh and his master’s degree in clinical evaluation science from Dartmouth College. He has presented national and international meetings, written papers, book chapters and two textbooks on cleft palate and craniofacial differences. She is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Download Parent Worksheet Enter your email address below to receive your copy of our parent worksheet to help prepare your child for a medical appointment. Paul Cross MA LPC talks to Brian Baileys of Thrive Peer Support about how a new expanded peer support program is helping in Ohio. People get treatment and change their lives. Brian addresses how different forms of peer support programs can help everyone from patients coming to the ER after an overdose to those struggling to navigate the healthcare system throughout the conversation. Thrive Peer Support mostly helps individuals who are trying to overcome mental health and addiction issues. Thrive Peer Support continues to grow and has produced excellent results so far, demonstrating the need for strong peer support programs in the United States.

Brian Baileys founded Ascent, a continuing care solution for people in recovery from substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses. The genesis of the Ascent solution was based on Brian’s healing experience. Ascent began by combining an evidence-based mobile app with 24/7/365 peer recovery coaching and in 2017 began expanding to “live” face-to-face peer recovery coaching. Thus evolved ThriveED (Thrive Emergency Department FKA AscentED) where peer coaches began providing round-the-clock peer recovery support to individuals in the MetroHealth (Cleveland, OH) emergency department.

In early 2018, Brian formed a partnership with Thrive Behavioral Health/Thrive Peer Support. This has allowed Thrive to provide peer support to Medicaid-eligible patients in NE Ohio and serve as an advocate on behalf of those in recovery.

Innovation In Skin Care. Transforming Lives

Brian has spoken on various opiate and recovery-related panels and has been part of multiple opiate and behavioral health task forces in Ohio. Brian advocates for individuals and their families in recovery.

Are you the parent of an adult who is having major difficulties? Is your family conflicted about how much support to give your adult child?

Paul Cross MA LPC is the Clinical Director of Health for Life Counseling Grand Rapids, home of Grand Rapids’ Trauma-Informed Counseling Center. Paul is also a private practice psychotherapist, a licensed EMDRIA consultant, host of the Intentional Clinician podcast, behavioral health consultant, clinical trainer, and counseling supervisor. Paul is now offering consulting for certain individuals and organizations. Paul is the creator of the National Violence Prevention Hotline (in progress) as well as an intentional clinician training program for counselors. Paul has been quoted in The Washington Post, NBC News, Wired Magazine, and Counseling Today. Question? Call the office at 616-200-4433.

If you are looking for EMDRIA mentoring groups, Paul Cross MA LPC is now hosting weekly online and in-person groups. For details, click here.๐ŸŒŸ We believe that our actions have the power to change not only our lives but also the lives of those around us. Today, we invite you to participate in our poll and share your insights on how to use your actions to create positive change:

Cheryl Mcintosh: Transforming Lives In Healthcare

๐Ÿ”น Option 1: Embrace Personal Growth: How do you use personal growth and self-improvement to transform your life and inspire others?

๐Ÿ”น Option 2: Acts of Kindness: How do you incorporate acts of kindness and generosity into your daily routine to make a positive impact on others?

๐Ÿ”น Option 3: Sharing Knowledge and Expertise: How do you use your knowledge and expertise to empower and uplift those around you?

๐Ÿ”น Option 4: Leading by Example: How do you demonstrate leadership and set an inspiring example for others?

Health And Wellness Rally: Transforming Lives Through Fitness

๐Ÿ”น Option 5: Creating opportunities: How do you actively work to create opportunities for personal and professional development for yourself and others?

๐Ÿ”น Option 6: Other: If your conversion actions fall outside of the options listed, we’d love to hear about them! Share your unique approach to making a difference.

๐Ÿ’ญ Cast your vote by commenting with the corresponding option number or share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Let’s inspire each other with our transformative actions and make a collective impact on the lives of those around us!

๐ŸŒŸ Together, we can unleash the power of our actions and create a ripple effect of positive change that goes far beyond ourselves. Let’s make a difference and change lives through our intentional actions!

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I help leaders implement their strategies for oppressed people to reconnect with their superpowers, reclaim their voices, and V.I.C.T.O.R. Feel alone and distant to empower and equip your teams for tremendous success with my five (5) step DestinySpeak Outloud program using the. The Framework If you want to learn more about how your organization can get to a healthier place, text or call: 860.778.8524 or email: [email protected] is an attempt to give you a peek into the deep foundation that we has kept Download here.

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In today’s fast-moving world, the disparity in women’s health and hygiene education, particularly among marginalized communities, presents a tough and urgent challenge. While there have been significant improvements in overall health care access, beyond basic hygiene practices, a noticeable gap remains in addressing women-specific health issues. This neglect not only endangers the physical well-being of countless women, but also hinders their social and economic progress.

Many women in these underserved areas lack essential information and resources, limiting their ability to make well-informed decisions regarding their health. Acknowledging this issue is important, as it is a step toward achieving equitable health education and resources for all women, regardless of their socioeconomic status. This blog seeks to highlight these neglected aspects of women’s health, explore the unseen challenges and emphasize the dire need for a comprehensive approach to women’s health education and hygiene.

Transforming Lives Through Individual Psychotherapy: A Comprehensive Overview By Waltztraumacareandtherapy

In exploring the multifaceted aspects of women’s health, it becomes imperative to address unseen challenges that are often shrouded in silence and neglect. One of the most pressing issues is period poverty, a term that encompasses the inadequacy of sanitary products for menstruating women, adequate washing facilities, and waste management. The issue goes beyond lack of materials and moves into stigmatization and inadequate health education, which hinders the holistic well-being of women.

Period poverty is not just a matter of financial hardship; It is a complex web of socio-cultural norms and misinformation that leaves women uninformed and unsupported during their menstrual cycle. A lack of health education and menstrual hygiene is particularly prevalent in marginalized communities, where myths and taboos surrounding menstruation contribute to a culture of silence and shame. This has a serious impact on women’s physical health, as the use of temporary materials during menstruation can lead to infections and other health problems.

To address these issues, comprehensive health and hygiene programs in schools and communities are urgently needed. Education plays an important role in eradicating this stigma and imparting knowledge to women

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