More Mainstream As a Free Alternative

When it comes to computer based training project free tv alternatives programs (CBT), although this is only a small niche, the competition is still fierce. Unlike, Adobe Captivate and Studio, is an open source piece of software, which means that is free and that anyone can bring his contribution.


Developed for Microsoft, is able to register screenshots and the audio activity on the computer, and to build.AVI files with the captures. At their turn, the.AVI files can be transformed into Flash video compatible format. What developers need to know is that Cam Studio was written in a fusion of C# and C++ programming languages.

That Is Free And That Anyone 


Released for the first time in 2001 as  the open source project of Render Soft, Cam Studio has had many owners, such as Adobe and Corporation. In fact the latter has taken part of the technology employed in Cam Studio and used it in their own project called Demo, which now is known as Adobe Captivate. So, we can say that Captivate and Cam Studio are distant relatives.


Latter Has Taken Part Of The Technology 


Cam Studio 3 is the latest version of the software which is under development stage.Although, this CBT software can’t really compete in terms of rich features with its relative, the Cam Studio users can benefit from, 


Now Is Known As Adobe Captivate


As an open source piece of software, Cam Studio relies mainly on its friendly and easy to use features and intuitive structure. The main advantage of employing is its usability: users can easily learn to create computer based with good results and minimum of effort.*