How To Choose The Best Hair Treatment Products

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Salon closures have wreaked havoc on even the most well-kept strands, and we all long to see hairdressers again (perhaps even more than friends and family). The first to remember our days were our roots, but now they are our passing ends. Even those who get a last-minute haircut before closing may start to see split ends.

How To Choose The Best Hair Treatment Products

“Split ends are the result of constant dehydration,” explains celebrity hairstylist Michael Van Clarke. “The hair loses moisture, so the protein structure becomes weak and breaks a little, until the ends split.” Unfortunately, dyes, heat styling, diet, lifestyle and environment can all play a role in weakening hair.

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Shaving is the only way to prevent split ends from further tearing, but unless you’re a professional hairdresser, we recommend putting the scissors down, otherwise things will end in disaster. Instead, the safest and best option for your hair is now our split treatment.

They come in the form of serums, sprays and conditioners that promise to make split ends look healthy but also help to prevent them in the first place until you get to see your favorite style again. They are also a great choice for those who need help growing their hair.

You need to make a habit of being kind to your hair to minimize damage. It is more fragile when wet, so gently press the wetness with your hands to avoid damaging the friction of the towel. You have to be careful when brushing.

“Some brushes, such as boar bristle brushes, can tear part of the hair shaft,” warns trichologist Anabel Kingsley of Philip Kingsley. Instead, he recommends that you try a brush especially for wet hair or, preferably, a wide comb – perfect for combing without pulling your hair. You should also try to run without additional heat in your devices every now and then.

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We test the latest products on the shelves of real beauty. Our favorites don’t just make a noticeable difference in how healthy our ends look, but also how they feel. These are the winners who won the win…

You can trust our reviews. We may receive a commission from other sellers, but we will never allow this to influence our selection, which is based on real-world testing and expert advice. This income helps fund journalism 

When you try a product from a brand whose hair mask is already part of your Sunday care routine—yes, we’re talking about the Elasticizer Deep Nourishing Treatment—you’re in for big things. And we are very glad that it did not disappoint.

It claims to seal and smooth split ends instantly, which surprised us at how well it worked. Our dry ends looked more freshly cut than they had in weeks. After the first use, our strands feel not only nourished but incredibly soft. We chose to use it after every wash with good results, but if you only use it in three washes, you’ll be surprised.

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When it comes to a list of celebrity clients, it doesn’t get any higher than New York City’s Rita Hazan. She has adapted threads for Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey to name a few. Her hair product line, like her clients, also includes talented stars, and that includes this serum.

We have seen immediate results after the first use on our split ends, as it targets split ends by acting as glue to bind the ends together. You have to give it a long run with continued use to get the best results, but we loved how strong and healthy our hair felt after two weeks.

You’ve heard of this brand, thanks to its affordable and effective skincare range, but have you tried any of Inkey Lists scalp or hair care products? This recent innovation is already making waves in beauty – compared to Olaplex. It’s great for dry hair or those who may experience DIY color danger on closure.

The lightweight spray uses next-generation combing technology to repair damaged areas, and with continued use after washing, hair feels stronger, more manageable and shinier. We also want to give the brand top green marks, as the packaging is 100 percent recyclable (even the pump).

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More of a hair oil than a serum, this is a rich formula with chia seed oil and macadamia oil to name a few.  The key to application is to warm the product in the palm of your hand before rubbing it into dry ingredients. Use it overnight (just be careful as it can transfer to your pillowcase), or as a final product after blow-drying and love both results. It provides wallet-friendly moisture to strengthen drying and damaged ends, making them very healthy. It’s also great value, as a little goes a long way, so use sparingly and the bottle will last a very long time.

This uses hair care technology and micro-encapsulation, where small pearls, rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients, seek damage to the fibers that need repair. And because it only targets the areas that really need it, we find that it doesn’t weigh the hair down or cause it to soften, and that’s true for the most beautiful hair types.

Mid-lengths to ends look smooth and strong after just one use. It worked so well that the results always washed three times as promised. It’s pricey, but worth it for the extension alone – we’ve had more than one comment on Zoom about how healthy our hair was.

Whether your hair is prone to breakage or not, you’ll want to apply this after every wash because it smells like a fragrance that stays on your hair all day. Besides smelling heavenly, we also love the way it makes our hair look. The nourishing formula was the one that quickly repairs strands, as well as split ends. Continued use left our manes feeling much stronger, with less breakage and shedding in the shower. It was also the formula that contributed the most to light.

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Designed for people who want to grow their hair, this helps you get past that awkward stage where you tend to give up and shave. It boasts hair-strengthening ingredients, especially soy protein and biotin (part of the B vitamin family that plays an important role in maintaining hair health) that strengthen strands and promote healthy hair.

After two weeks of using this on wet towel dried hair after regular washing we saw real results. There was little hair cutting that tended to split more and more.  The length looked smoother and fresher at the ends, and we really liked the shine.

Reach for this tube if you can’t live without your flat irons, as the formula is created by the heat of your styler. The repair cream strengthens weak strands and leaves well after mixing with wet hair and blowing. For us, the magic happened after we went with the iron too, as it softened the frizz and our hair – which needed to be cut – looked trimmed and polished. A choice for those who like their hair very smooth.

It’s the brand of choice for those with damaged hair types, as the main ingredient in all Virtue hair products is keratin protein, just like what’s in our strands. It has the ability to bind and repair broken structures, and is a key ingredient in this treatment as well.

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After just one use, we found it smoothed out the mid-lengths of highlighted and dry strands well, but the key to this serum is continued use, as we saw our split ends change after about five uses. As a bonus, the smell of coconut gives us serious beach party vibes – something we can all do right now.

From the Argan oil hair brand, this serum works differently than others, as it is a finishing product that should be used on dry hair after styling. It acts as a quick fix to thin and damaged ends, turning them into silky, soft-looking strands. We like to think of this as an end-to-end concealer, where you can apply as much as necessary to cover the damage and get the result you want. And don’t worry about the build, there’s no stickiness or stickiness that you’ll find in other styling products.

For successful results, you can’t beat the Philip Kingsley bond grant. It strengthens and protects the strands helping to prevent damage and new split ends from forming, while making existing ends much healthier. If you don’t mind spending Monat rejuvabeads is as bright as when other people notice how good it is.